G.O.O.D. Friday

I caved and signed up for Tidal. Well, only the free trial specifically to listen to Kanye West- The Life of Pablo. After FINALLY listening to The Life of Pablo in its entirety I felt inspired to bring back Ye’s famous G.O.O.D. Fridays on Good Friday. Side note: T.L.O.P. is FLAME. I didn’t think it would live up to the hype but it did.

I made a special playlist for you guys of some of the best rap & hip hop tracks from my favorite artists which include: Kanye West, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and a few others… you’ll have to listen 🙂

Here’s something to vibe to or lift to- that’s what I’ll be doing.

Cheers. Eno


March Ipsy Review

I decided to fully commit to my make-up obsession. Yes, guys… I’m on the Ipsy bandwagon. I have trouble committing to pretty much anything (damn you indecisiveness) so I shocked myself for signing up for a monthly make-up subscription.

In a typical week I usually only wear make-up on the weekends. I’m quite lazy. However, ever since my town acquired Sephora and Ulta I’ve been taking my make-up game to the next level.

I have pros and cons with Ipsy though.

With Ipsy you take a custom quiz before signing up so the company can send you products that you will enjoy. In the bags they not only include make-up, but also skin care, nail polish, make-up tools and so forth. Also, it’s only $10 a month! Perfect for a broke college girl on a budget.

Some things I dislike are most of the products are trial size and often times you get unfamiliar brands. I’m still waiting for some Too Faced and Benefit products… Some months the bags can be tacky and cheap looking. So, it’s a toss up.

I’ve been receiving Ipsy bags since December 2015. All bags I have been satisfied with. BUT this month I got the BEST one yet and I’m so excited to share with you all!!

Living Proof. Perfect Hair Day- Dry Shampoo


I’m a huge fan of dry shampoo. I get my hair highlighted every 6-8 weeks so I try to skip washes as much as I can so I don’t dull the blonde. However, I struggle with oily skin and hair. I have tried so many different dry shampoo products, and this one really impressed me. It smells fresh and completely covers the dirt and oil. After researching the brand, I discovered a full size bottle is $17 at most retailers. I will splurge on this. SCORE! 5/5


Make Up Forever- Step 1- Hydrating Primer


A few years ago I started using primer… I could kick myself for all the years of neglecting this product. It helps your foundation stay flawless all night. I usually buy L’ Oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer because of it’s texture, cost, and it works really well! Make Up Forever Hydrating primer is a nice primer, however, I don’t need any extra moisture to my face after my moisturizer. So it made my face a bit too oily. It works well into the pores and fine lines though. It’s not for me, but I suggest this for someone with normal to dry skin. If you’re okay with splurging a bit, the regular size price is $37 but the product is made to last. I rate this 3/5 for price and too hydrating.

Model Co. Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in Socialite


Feeling like getting sassy on a Saturday night? Try this lip-gloss! It is the perfect deep pink shade to pair with a sexy dress. Ow ow! I’m typically more of a lipstick girl because lip-gloss can get messy. But this product might make a gloss lover out of me. The only downfall is you have to reapply often throughout the night and the retail price is $24 for regular size. Therefore, I give the product a 3/5 for constant reapplication and price.



Global Beauty Care- Dead Sea Wash-Off Mask


This is my first mud mask everyone! I must say I’m in love. This mask was super easy to apply and only a 15-minute wait. Also, the sample size was large enough for at least 3-4 applications! I’m a happy camper. On a side note, when taking the mask off use a washcloth! I first started taking it off with just my hands and it was way too messy- the washcloth fixed it. After my skin felt incredibly smooth! The regular size price is $9.99, I will definitely be buying this ASAP! 5/5

Luxie Short Shader Brush 223


My guilty pleasure is buying eye shadow palettes. Of course, I stick to particularly Too Faced. La Grand Chateau is my current favorite, but I am also a big fan of Boudoir Eyes and Cat Eye collections. Ipsy sends the brushes and tools you receive as full sized… YAS KWEEN! This brush is very good quality compared to my cheap Amazon bought 24 piece brush set. The bristles don’t fall out at all and it’s rose gold & pink! The short shader brush is great for perfecting a smoky eye, and it’s $12! 5/5


This month Ipsy made Mama Eno’s beauty routine on point and feeling saucy. 😉 The bag was super adorbs and the products made me feel like Queen Bey- Flawless. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month! If you guys are interested in signing up click here: https://www.ipsy.com/



It was a cold morning in Erie, Pennsylvania. The black coffee was pumping through my veins and my tired eyes were wired on road ahead of me on the drive to my film class. This class to most would seem pointless; at least that’s what I thought when I found out it was a pre-requisite for one of my other classes… but I grew to love it. The class gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for film.

I admired my professor and his taste in film. He showed us the opening clip for P.T. Anderson’s 1999 film “Magnolia” that morning. The way the characters were presented in those first few minutes was unlike anything I ever watched before. I was hooked instantly. I had to see this movie in its entirety. However, I’m lazy when it comes to renting movies so yesterday I finally got around to watching it.

The movie begins with the narrator telling the audience of three different astonishing coincidences that suggests that there are forces greater than chance that play important roles in life. I’ve always been curious about this myself. You hear of people’s experiences with serendipity but there has to be more to it than just a pleasant occurrence. There has to be some form of divine intervention that is planned for people to find clarity in some aspect of their life.

Magnolia follows the lives of several interrelated characters in search of happiness, forgiveness, and meaning in one San Fernando Valley day. The film shows each main character right in the beginning- so you know they are all connected somehow. This parallel film structure can be very difficult to pull off and P.T. Anderson delivers it phenomenally. It continuously addressed he juxtaposition of people’s lives. In the movie the characters are not all connected at the same time but they are relative to each other like petals of a flower, one of several reasons why this film is titled Magnolia. I believe everyone can relate to at least one of the characters in the film. The people are dealing with real life confusing shit, from cancer to troubled parents, to addictions,etc.

The film was an original screenplay by P.T. Anderson too. All the music in the film was original creations from Aimee Mann. I only heard of her before watching this movie through a skit on Portlandia (one of my guilty pleasures) so I already had a predisposition towards her. To me, her music is more in the adult alternative genre, it isn’t my favorite which made me skeptical. However, the songs are powerful and play in sync with the theme of the film. Many of which are searching for meaning. The songs One (opening scene), Wise Up, and Save Me truly gave chills down my spine- and are completely relatable.

Perhaps, the most intriguing part of the film is when the on-going theme of Exodus 8:2 finally takes place. “And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs.” And it actually rains frogs. Each character takes this weird occurrence positively, like a sign from the universe that they need to let go of the heavy things going on in their life. Thus, changes the characters for the better and helps them let go of their past a bit.


“We might be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.”

There is more symbolism and character themes I could rave about but I highly suggest you dedicate 3 hours of your time to seeing this critically acclaimed film. There are twists, turns, and your attention will not be broken. The cast includes many well-known actors today such as Tom Cruise, Juilianne Moore, and Philip Seymour Hoffman to name a few. Magnolia is truly a film for us 90s babies trying to make understanding of the world and ourselves. Everyone needs saved once in a while.

Enjoy. Eno

Something New

Hello love bugs!

As I crawl through the week post-spring break, I need an immense amount of sleep and motivation to get through the week. Oh my, oh my what a wonderful time.

Should I be productive? Should I continue to daydream? Or perhaps, I should continue my week long drink fest?

I’ll never tell you which one I chose 😉

I created a playlist of songs I’ve been vibin’ to lately. A mix of upbeat and chill songs from a few different genres. It was challenging to pick these songs, I wanted to include more! However, that just gives me motivation to create another playlist for you all.

Enjoy! Eno


The View

“If life’s not beautiful without the pain… Well, I’d just rather never ever even see beauty again.”

Let’s rewind a decade. One of the first times I was introduced to my forever-favorite band: Modest Mouse. They formed in 1992 in Issaquah, Washington and are still touring (The 90s will always be winning). They are classified as rock but they are anything but “just rock music.”

They are extremely deep; every lyric has meaning. They aren’t typical mainstream ‘rock’ music and let’s not forget that range of guitar. Perhaps, this is where my love and appreciation of music stemmed from. I encourage you all to listen to this band in its entirety and see them in concert because it’s life changing. But today I will focus on one of their songs from their fourth album Good News For People Who Love Bad News– The View.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life this far, it is that people’s views and perceptions of situations are always going to differ. Life is an ever-changing whirlwind of emotions. One day you high on the beauty of life, in a moment’s time the uncertainty and hardships of life hit you full force. I’ve experienced both extremes today. So, I must write.

With today’s social media society, most people only see one ‘view’ of a person’s life; the happy and never the sad. We are constantly in internal turmoil trying to present the best image of ourselves whether it is online or in person. If sadness lurks its ugly head around the corner, we want to mask it. In reality, we don’t have control over life, shit happens. As the one line in this song states, “Life, it rents us.” Life has more control on us than we have over life.

The chorus is perhaps the most beautiful part of the song, “As life gets longer, awful feels softer/Well, it feels pretty soft to me//And if it takes shit to make bliss/ Well, I feel pretty blissfully.” The writer Isaac Brock is describing that going through ‘awful’ life events is inevitable. We get to a point where these awful feelings get softer because they are losing meaning; we are becoming numb. The pain ends up being dull. In the second line, he’s convinced that’s just how life is. Rather than fixing a bad situation he is affixed in his current emotional state; beauty and pain as one. As humans, we often find ourselves doing this.

The song furthers into the bridge with another powerful line, “If life’s not beautiful without the pain/Well, I’d just rather never ever even see beauty again.” After all the awful things in life, he is starting to think pain is apart of beauty and unappealing without it. He is affixed in that state of mind.

The outro reinstates that, “We are affixed, we are affixed// We are affixed right where we stand.” This is a ‘view’ that as humans we will never really be able to move forward because we don’t have control over our own lives. Once again, we are affixed. Those awful emotions will continue to be with us regardless.

In other words, if life hands you lemons make lemonade. If not, accept the beauty and uncertainty of life for what it is. Drown in your sorrows or enjoy it… I will personally jig it out. This is actually a fun upbeat song, with a heavy meaning. The contradictory. The irony. The beautiful masterpiece.

Happy Listening, Eno