Now or Never

Look, what’s life without risk? If you take none, that’s probably what you gonna get

On one unusually sunny day in February I was snowboarding with my cousin. Per usual, we were talking about future plans for our lives, fitness, and of course some boy gossip… because when doesn’t that come up in girl talk? Anyways, I was explaining to her that one of the online publications I was writing freelance for was bothering me. I didn’t feel my attitudes and beliefs coincided with this company. In fact, this company and I were polar opposites on every level. I felt trapped creatively. So finally, after many trips up the ski lift, she persuaded me to start writing a blog.

Really? Me of all people to start a blog… to be honest I’m an odd ball. My hobbies aren’t typically girly. I’m usually in sweatpants, hair-tied, chilling with no make-up on (thank you for that line Drake). However, I still love make-up, a cute pair of heels, and a tasty seasonal Starbucks beverage. I’m quite the living paradox. One of the main reasons why my blog is named ‘Eccentric Eno.’ Eccentric by definition is: odd in behavior; or being off center. What a shocker there! And Eno has been my nickname since I was in high school… It stuck with me throughout college, so it is here to stay.

This blog will loosely be about my main passions: music, fitness, travel, beauty, and lifestyle. I didn’t want to be too narrow with my topics. I’m always getting involved with multiple different things to keep me busy. I’m anxious, I like to have options in all aspects of life; and maybe this is where my indecisiveness comes from. So, being too narrow in my audience would literally be crippling for both you and me.

Ultimately, this will be one of my many creative outlets from the draining office life. I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now-and today is the day. I’m nervous, excited, scared, and eager. It frightens me to post my personal opinions and ideas for all to see. Look, what’s life without risk? If you take none, that’s probably what you gonna get (thank you for those inspirational words Big Sean). This will hopefully provide entertaining and relatable posts for everyone to read. Perhaps you’ll learn something new! I hope you will follow my new journey through this foreign blog land- I promise it will be humorous. And don’t worry; I will let you inside Eno’s brain along the way 😉